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Mind Full - The Book

This is Mind Full – my No.1 Bestselling book. I’m so proud of this book and so grateful to everyone who has read and listened to it. I wrote it because when I was looking for an introduction to meditation, I couldn’t find a book that I could relate to. None of them seemed to be speaking about me or the things that I was dealing with. I have always believed in a force bigger than myself, whatever that may look like, but many of the books were just too spiritual for me. Others were too academic and made my brain hurt!  So, I set about writing the book that I would have liked to read when I was looking for answers. It comes with an exclusive password to special guided audio meditations on my website and promises to teach you the scientifically-proven techniques that I use every day. So, if your head is wrecked and your life is in need of de-stressing then this is the book for you! To order your hard copy, Kindle or Audiobook, just click the button below.

Mind Full Book Launch

Great news! If you weren’t able to attend my virtual book launch for my No.1 Bestselling book, Mind Full, then don’t worry! It’s now available to watch right here!  What a night we had. Hosted by my great friend and world-renowned podcaster, rockstar and mindfulness expert, Niall Breslin, we chatted about all things meditation and mindfulness, tips and techniques for un-wrecking your head and we had so much craic! 

About Mind Full

In 2007, comedian and broadcaster, Dermot Whelan, arrived at a comedy festival in an ambulance. It was a hell of an entrance. He had had a panic attack enroute. Realising that this was not a sustainable way to travel to future gigs, Dermot decided to become a meditation teacher and learn how to destress without annoying the emergency services.

Now a leading corporate stress management expert, Dermot asks the question for all of us: how do we know when our minds are full? And what can we do about it before our heads are wrecked?

This book is his no nonsense, incense-free, hilarious guide to relaxing the head, reducing anxiety and living a calmer life. No ambulance required!

Childrens Author

Did you know I have also written a bestselling kids’ book? It’s not about meditation but it is guaranteed to put a smile on kids’ and big kids’ faces!

Meet Noni. She’s a crazy old, law-breaking, chocolate-selling, pram-wielding, wickedly funny woman who likes nothing more than a dangerous caper!

Someone has tampered with the city’s supply of chocolate and now Noni and her young friends must find out who did it before the evil tricksters poison the whole town – including the dreamy rugby star, Chunks McSturdy.

Can Noni and her pram of seriously dodgy treats overcome the odds and get to the bottom of the mystery before all hell breaks loose? Will her pet raven, Francis, ever find enlightenment? Will anyone ever teach Noni to say the word ‘chocolate’ properly? Get ready for lots of laughs, tons of adventure and truck loads of chawwwklit!

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