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Comedy Meets Meditation – Serious Transformation Without Being Serious

This is a show like no other. It’s funny, it’s informative, it’s real and it’s brand new. A huge part of the so called “wellness” industry takes itself so seriously! Life can be serious enough without making our healing path all hard work and frowning. For me, wellness is laughter, lightness and letting go and when we feel safe, relaxed and happy, we are far more ready to try something new – like meditation! That’s why I love nothing more than seeing a thousand people enjoying a big belly laughs and then, a few minutes later, sitting in blissful calm!

Mind Full Tour 2023

Mind Full Tour '23

Come with me as I take you on a hilarious journey through my own life story, from roadside panic attacks to Californian cringe-dancing, as I forge a new path from stressed-out burnout to self-belief and self-confidence. We look at the science of meditation and how it can change your brain for the better. And I share my favourite, effective and oh-so-easy techniques to get you feeling better, sleeping better and living better – all while having a laugh!

Come Join Me!

My dream is to take meditation out of the usual places like yoga studios and bring it to a whole new audience – an audience that maybe have been traditionally less inclined to reach for something like meditation. Many people have tried meditation but have felt, for one reason or another, that it wasn’t for them. Maybe they couldn’t relate to the teacher, the location, the jargon, the dogma or maybe they were just plain uncomfortable! Maybe YOU’VE been looking for a way past stress and into calm. Maybe, you’ve tried some mindfulness techniques before but something just didn’t click?  Come join me and thousands of other like-minded people who are ready for a lasting change and, most of all, a good laugh!

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