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So many corporate talks are too…well, just that – corporate! They’re not always engaging and many fail to make that connection with the people who need them most.  Because, there’s one thing that all companies and organisations have in common – people. Sometimes we can forget to look past the lanyard and see that when we are happiest as humans, our work and all our relationships improve and get easier. No matter the business, we all share the same challenges and look for more of the same things:

  • Better sleep
  • Ability to Switch Off
  • Connection to Our Work
  • A Sense of Joy
  • More Creativity
  • More Confidence
  • Stronger Relationships
  • Better Communication
  • Just a bit more…craic!

That’s why all my corporate work is about people. It’s about what makes us human and how we can understand and harness that to thrive in our work and daily lives. I bring humour and relatability to all my talks and give your employees real, useable techniques that work in and outside of work.  Science has proven that meditation is the number one tool for combating stress and for returning your life to a feeling of balance. It leads to better decision making, improved relationships and more resilience. In a company, it is proven to foster harmony between employees and create a happier and more productive work environment. I love working with the biggest companies in the world, virtually and in person, to open the door to a different way of thinking and sharing effective stress-busting tools that employees can use in and out of the workplace. Most importantly, I want people to enjoy the experience and have fun so that the methods I share can really work for them.

Since covid, our working landscape has changed a lot. More hybrid situations have emerged in businesses and, as effective as this can be, there are more and more people who are feeling isolated and struggling a bit more. Now is the perfect time to introduce some resources that can help people navigate these new environments. Whether you’re looking for a short introduction to mindfulness meditation and stress management or a more intense empowering wellness programme for your company, I can’t wait to use my skills as a Certified Meditation Teacher with nearly 20 years in the entertainment and media business to set you and your staff on the path to a more peaceful and confident approach to life and work.

  • Spark creativity in your organization
  • Create higher efficiency
  • Reduce workplace absence
  • Develop an energetic team environment
  • Inspire better decision making
  • Foster improved relationships
  • Witness more effective communication
  • Enjoy a happier workplace
  • Understanding Stress and Making it Work for You
  • The Power Hour with Dermot Whelan – Un-wreck Your Head, Destress Your Life
  • New Beginnings – 3 Keys to Dealing with Change
  • Good Stress and Bad Stress and How to Know the Difference
  • Burnout and How to Avoid It
  • Power Talk – 5 Keys to Better Communication
  • Turning Fear into Confidence – the Exciting Science of Meditation
  • Vision to Win – Using the Secrets of the Stars to Get What You Want
  • Wellbeing Hour with Dermot Whelan
  • Meditation 101 – Everything You Need to Get You Started

Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher

Dermot is a certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher, training in California with one of the world’s leading experts in corporate stress management and meditation practice.

Dermot has been a practicing meditator for over 10 years and works closely with healthcare provider, Laya Healthcare and has joined forces with mental health advocates such as A Lust For Life, and annual youth conference, Zeminar. His book, Mind Full, is a No.1 Bestseller and his Mind Full Tour was a sell-out success. He works in the area of mental wellbeing with companies and organisations across the globe.

Corporate Client Logos - Dermot Whelan
Corporate Client Logos - Dermot Whelan

Book Dermot Today

Your audience will be transformed with authenticity and laughs.
  • Corporate Meditation
  • Public Speaking
  • Event Host​

Book Dermot Today

Your audience will be transformed with authenticity and laughs.
  • Corporate Meditation
  • Public Speaking
  • Event Host​
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