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I work with the biggest companies in the world to boost their wellbeing and success. From pharmaceuticals to tech giants and from universities to law firms, I adore meeting new people and new businesses. And I’d love to work with you and your organisation! Whether you’re looking for a short introduction to mindfulness meditation and stress management, or a more intense empowering wellness programme for your company, I can’t wait to use my skills as a Certified Meditation Teacher with nearly 20 years in the entertainment and media business to set you and your staff on the path to a more peaceful and confident approach to life and work. Maybe you’ve got a special event planned for your business and are looking for someone with a refreshing approach to host the day? Whatever your wellness plans, just click the button below and let’s get the ball rolling!

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Come find me online and let’s have chats! I do ask, however, that if you want to book me for an event or program, then it’s better to use the button above as your request will go straight to my booking team.  

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