Series 1 Finale: Does Gratitude Really Work?


Can you believe it? Our last episode of the season is here! I have had so much fun making this podcast and sharing it all with you. As a meditation expert, I’ve learned tons! And I hope you have too. Now, before we dive into our fabulous guests, I’ve got some exciting news to share with you all!

On this week’s episode, I am sharing full details about my upcoming national tour. That’s right, Dermot Whelan Live – The Busy and Wrecked Tour is coming to a venue near you!

Let’s just say… you can expect a mix of comedy, craic, meditation, and inspiration, and together we’ll enjoy an evening where you can relax, and have a laugh, all while picking up some useful and fun tools to unwreck your head!

This show is perfect if you’ve been feeling wound up, worn down, snowed under or bowled. All you have to do is grab your stressed-out besties and your bedraggled partners, and join me as I travel all over Ireland and beyond to destress our lives together. Don’t forget, teenagers over 14 are welcome too so bring them along!

Catch Mind Full Tour Again in November + See You At Electric Picnic

Since we’re on the ‘tour topic’, for those who might have missed my last tour, Mind Full, you can catch it again in November at the Púca Festival in Trim, County Meath, and the Lark Concert Hall in Balbriggan, Dublin. Tickets go on sale next Friday 24th May, so grab yours while you can!

And now that the Electric Picnic lineup has finally been announced, you can find me putting on a show on Saturday 17 August too! It’s going to be an epic event you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for more info!

(*aaaand breathe*)

The Mind Full Podcast Season Finale: Does Gratitude Really Work?

Ready for this week’s episode? Great! Because we explore a very important topic: the power of gratitude. We hear a lot about gratitude these days. Catchy slogans like “Attitude of Gratitude” are plastered over mugs, tea towels and t-shirts. But is there real science behind it and, if so,  just what is the correct way to practice it so that we see real tangible benefits?

Join us as we dive into this fascinating topic with two special guests.

Angela Scanlon and The Power of Gratitude

I am so happy to bring you this amazing conversation with an amazing lady at the top of her game! From recently taking over from Graham Norton at Virgin Radio UK, to her bestselling book, Joyrider, Angela Scanlon joins me to discuss her journey and share her insights on finding gratitude in life’s ups and downs.

With her dynamic appearances on RTE, BBC, and Channel 4 TV, Angela’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. She’s graced our screens in shows like BBC’s One Show, where her infectious charm and wit captivated audiences worldwide. As a former presenter of Robot Wars and Your Home Made Perfect, Angela’s versatility knows no bounds.

But beyond the glitz and glamour of television, Angela’s story is one of resilience and self-discovery. Her authenticity shines through as she opens up about her struggles with insecurity and imposter syndrome, despite outward appearances suggesting a life of perfection.

Through it all, she discovered the transformative power of gratitude, reshaping her perspective and paving the way for newfound joy and fulfilment.

Unpacking the Science of Gratitude with Dr. Michael Keane

But what about the all-important science of gratitude? Well, in our quest to unravel the mysteries of gratitude, we turn to the expertise of Dr. Michael Keane, a distinguished medical doctor, psychologist, behavioural neuroscientist, and neurotechnology expert. With a wealth of knowledge in brain science and human behavior, Dr. Keane offers invaluable insights into the neuroscience behind gratitude.

Dr. Keane sheds light on the profound impact of gratitude on the brain. He delves into the intricate mechanisms that underpin gratitude, explaining how practising gratitude can reshape neural pathways and promote overall well-being.

Through his accessible and engaging approach, you will gain a deeper understanding of how gratitude rewires the brain, leading to tangible benefits such as improved mental health, enhanced resilience, and greater emotional balance.

A Heartfelt Thanks From Me

Now to wrap up the final blog of the series, I wanted to thank you all SO much for tuning in to The Mind Full Podcast. Your unwavering enthusiasm and engagement have been the driving force behind this journey, and I am truly grateful for your presence.

Looking ahead, I’m excited to announce that Season 2 of The Mind Full Podcast is already in the works!

With exciting guests and topics on the horizon, I can’t wait to bring you more insightful conversations with some of those most interesting and inspiring people, not to mention more laughs!

Stay tuned for updates, and remember to subscribe to my newsletter for the latest news and updates. Thank you once again for your continued support, and here’s to many more mindful moments together in the seasons to come!

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