The Power of Creativity with Doireann Garrihy and Allison Keating


Hey there, folks! These weeks are flying by, aren’t they?! Anyway, let me ask you, are you in need of some inspiration; to unlock the power of creativity? I sure hope so because this week on The Mind Full Podcast, we’re diving headfirst into the wonderful world of imagination, inspiration, and innovation!

One of the main reasons our heads can be so wrecked is that we take ourselves so seriously these days! If we can make a little bit more time to be creative, whatever form that takes, we can unlock our wellbeing, lower our stress and boost our happiness. 

Meet This Week’s Guests: Doireann Garrihy and Allison Keating

First up, we have the fabulous Doireann Garrihy, a woman who takes not being serious very seriously! You might know her as the multi-talented comedian, presenter, and social media sensation who wakes up the nation up at the crack of dawn with her sketches and on-air banter on 2fm. She celebrates laughter on her award-winning podcasts The Laughs of Your Life and Doireann and Friends, pokes fun at the famous with her hilarious impressions on her social channels, and outshines the stars on RTE TV’s Dancing with the Stars. I sat down with Doireann to talk about how true love can nurture true creativity, how family can keep that creative fire lit and how her fiancée’s addiction reminds her of the things that matter.

Next, we have the insightful Allison Keating, a chartered psychologist, author, and columnist extraordinaire. She is well known for her Ask Allison columns in the Irish Independent and is the author of The Secret Lives of Adults and a brand-new book called It’s All Too Much, out next September. Together, we’ll explore the psychology behind creativity and uncover the secrets to tapping into your creative potential, even amid life’s challenges and those pain-in-the-arse creative blocks!

Kick Start Your Creative Spark

Is everyone creative? Can social media be a force for creative good? How do we reconnect with our creativity when life gets too serious? These are just a few of the burning questions we’ll be answering as we navigate the intriguing intersection of psychology and creativity.

Listener Questions and One-Minute Meditation

And of course, we’ll be wrapping up with our weekly dose of listener questions and a rejuvenating one-minute meditation to help you unwind and recharge, and reignite a creative flow!

Join me on this enlightening journey and get ready to unleash your imagination and embrace the magic of creativity in every aspect of your life!

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