The Power of Self-Awareness with Ryan Hennessy


Well hello there, good to see you here on The Mind Full Podcast blog where I’m ready to bring you another transformative journey!

Strap in, because this week, it’s all about the power of self-awareness with none other than Ryan Hennessy, frontman for Irish music sensation Picture This.

I’m aware there may be no introduction needed, but let’s take a moment for Picture This’ success to date. With two number-one albums and over 450 million total streams, the four-piece continues to sell out stadiums including a five-night stand at Dublin’s 3Arena! They’ve headlined Electric Picnic’s Main Stage twice and sold out their European tour in 20 minutes. And, good news for fans, they also have a brand new album launching on April 26 called Parked Car Conversations.

Lead man Ryan has also produced a book of poetry called Syncopated Blue and is one of the most interesting, humble and authentic fellas I’ve ever met. In this discussion, we explore things like:

  • What is self-awareness?
  • What happens if we’re not self-aware?
  • How can it help us deal with criticism?
  • Can self-awareness help us stop beating ourselves up?
  • What exercises can I do to feel a bit more excited by life?

So, What is Self-Awareness?

Self-awareness isn’t just some buzzword; it’s a superpower. It truly has the power to change things that we think are written in stone. It’s the key to unlocking the door and understanding ourselves better, especially when navigating life with clarity and purpose. It can shine a light on our behaviour and remove the self-judgement that holds us back and stops us from appreciating and enjoying all that life has to offer.

The great news is – it’s not hard to find! Sometimes one conscious breath can be enough to tune us into ourselves and snap out of the busyness of the world and that predictable thinking and behaviour that has us feeling meh, bleh and possibly yuck!

Break Free from the Comfort Zone & Embrace Change

From feeling stuck in a rut to handling unwanted opinions and criticism, on this episode of The Mind Full Podcast, Ryan shares how self-awareness can shake us out of our comfort zones and empower us to embrace change fearlessly. How a simple shift in perspective can turn our perceived limitations into boundless opportunities and welcomed life lessons.

Letting Self-Compassion Lead the Way

Onto the internal, we’re all guilty of being a bit too hard on ourselves sometimes. Ryan also spills the beans on how self-awareness helps us dial down self-criticism, turn up self-love; to give more time to our inner kid and say yes to new adventures.

An Extra Long Meditation This Monday

We’ve also got a special longer guided meditation to get you started (or back) on the path to feeling more tuned in and up for the craic, I’ll share with you my experience of gaining self-awareness through meditation and guide you through some simple steps to cultivate it in your life.

So, same time, same place on Monday? Great!

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