Making it Happen With Greg O’Shea & Expert Advice From Brainhacker Keith Barry!


Monday, Monday, so good to me…..

Hello mindfull-ers….This week, we’re strapping on our runners and hitting the ground running as we sprint into the world of Motivation, Discipline, and Fitness. And let me tell you, it’s going to be a workout for the mind, body and soul!

Can I ask, is there anything in your life right now that you wanted to see happen but it hasn’t quite worked out that way? Is there a work goal, a relationship goal, a financial goal or something in your life that you had hoped would unfold but it didn’t  – or certainly not the way you’d imagined?

Don’t worry the purpose of this episode is absolutely not to make you feel bad or useless or give you another stick to beat yourself over the head with! Quite the opposite. This episode is about showing you, without judgment, the reasons why maybe you didn’t see that goal materialise.  And most importantly it is about giving you the techniques and understanding so that next time you see something in your life you’d like to reach for, it just may happen!

Together, we’ll look at why discipline is so important. While some people think it’s about locking yourself in a room and never seeing the light of day again, I like to think of it as the superhero cape that gives you the power to conquer your goals and kick butt in life. Because it lays the foundation for everything we want to achieve in life; the driving force behind our actions, the fuel that keeps us moving forward, even when the going gets tough. And when we combine discipline with motivation and fitness, we create a powerful recipe for success.

From Love Island Winner to Fitness Guru:

Joining me for this week’s topic are two remarkable guests who know a thing or two about achieving greatness. First up, fellow Limerick man and all-round inspiration, Greg O’Shea. You might know him as the Olympic athlete, Rugby Star, and the winner of Love Island UK. But did you know that behind those chiselled abs lies a story of discipline, dedication, and determination?

Greg spills the beans on how exercise can transform your life in ways you never expected, sharing some truths that might just make you spit out your protein shake!

Unravel The Mysteries of Motivation and Discipline

And if that wasn’t enough to get your heart racing, I’m also joined by the one and only Keith Barry. Keith is an international brain hacker who has blown thousands of minds over the years and worked with some of the biggest stars in the world. Together, we’ll unpack the secrets of motivation and discipline, and how mastering your mind can lead to limitless possibilities.

But hey, in all this talk of discipline and motivation, let’s stick to our guns here and remember not take ourselves too seriously. Life’s too short for that! It really is okay to stumble, to fall, and to laugh at yourself along the way. After all, the most important thing is to keep moving forward, one step at a time.

Extra Date Added for The Mind Full Podcast Live Show!

Let’s wrap this up with even more exciting news, due to popular demand, we’ve added a second ‘Extra Date’ for The Mind Full Podcast Live show at The Sugar Club. Tune in to find out how to get your tickets for our second date!!

That’s all for now! Stay motivated, stay disciplined, and remember to keep your heads full of all the good stuff.

Mindfully yours,


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